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Frost Fighter IDF 350 Oil

Manufactured In:   Winnipeg, MB Canada

Frost Fighter IDF 350 Oil

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Clean. Safe. Reliable.

350000 BTU
Diesel   Engine Driven Fan   2500 CFM
230ºF (110ºC)   Heat Rise  

Heated Air Output2500
Heat Rise230ºF (110ºC) at
Outlet Temperature230ºF (110ºC) to 0ºF (-17.8ºC)
Fuel Capacity42 Gal (158.99 L)
  • Heater only dry weight - 400 lbs.
  • 70” Long X 50” High X 35” Wide

This unit is CSA certified.


The IDF 350-11 provides 320,000 BTUs of clean air, free from moisture and contaminated fumes. Quick connect ducts attach to the front cap outlets and enable the user to disburse the heated air over a large area. The Frost Fighter is portable and simple to operate – all parts have easy access for quick service and routine maintenance.


An electric motor powers the fan to move the heated air through the outlet.

The heater is CSA certified and meets OSHA standards with a heat rise of 220°F. Providing portable heat easily dispersed over a large area. Vented burning for safe use in confined areas with a clean burning flame retention burner. Independent fan and combustion air feeds ensure quick winter starts.

Easy portability with lifting frame and 16” wheels.

 42 Gal (158.99 L)

2.3 GPH fuel consumption rate. Polytank with gauge and environmental spill containment.

  • Remote Thermostat - Set the temperature in the area to be heated and walk away. Save fuel and control maximum temperature to prevent damage to interiors by excess heat.
  • Bug Eye - One 12" duct can be expanded to three ducts via this famous Herman Nelson innovation.
  • Remote Fuel Cell Kit & Fuel Cells
  • Flexible Ducts - 12" (30cm) X 15' (4.5m)

BTUs 350,000
Efficiency 81%
Heated Air Output 2,500 CFM
Air Outlet Diameter 2 x 12 ” (optional single 16”)
Heat Rise 230° F
Outlet Temperature 230° F
Fuel Type No. 1 Fuel Oil
Fuel Consumption Rate 2.3 GPH
Fuel Capacity 42 gallons
Primary Air Movement 115 V, 60 Hz, 15 Amp Electric Motor
Weight(dry) 400 lbs
Dimensions 70” long x 35” wide x 50” high
Certification CSA